Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Come Smile At Me Again

Come smile at me
come smile at me again.
And use the only smile you have,
the selfless and exquisite one.

You'D Never Guess

Last night I wore my purple dress
the doorbell rang, you'd never guess
who walked in with a bunch of flowers
and all his charismatic powers.

Who Would Have Guessed?

My grandma had a special guest,
he had been told, 'young man, go West, '
by folks who knew whereof they spoke,
they also liked this handsome bloke.

Bellbottoms For Ajs

Bellbottom jeans
a clever means
to make more room
fruit of the loom

Night Soil

When I am lonely
for human company
I pull myself up by the bootstraps,
- sometimes the suspenders -

Short Limerick

On the raft there was Huckleberry
on that day he was udderly merry.
As a bit of a pig
he was fond of the big

For Declan

There once was a fellow named D.
he had misunderstood little me.
Though his poems ain't bad
and he is a good lad


Hear, hear about a deadly sin
it's known as common aspirin.
Each year four thousand children die
as misguided physicians try


A mouse, grey-coated, cute and male
had eyed an elephant's long tail.
He had been horny for some time
and was prepared to risk the climb.


Oh Ernestine, oh Ernestine
do take a whole vanilla bean
and grind it up into fine dust
add to it nutmeg if you must.