Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Last night I had a funny dream:
While flying over mountains,
saw scenery I'd never seen
and desert towns with fountains.

Noah's Arc Number Two

The devil wears a single sock
the other foot is nude
he lives beneath a mossy rock
and thinks he is a dude.

Brown Bear

The dampness woke him.
He stretched into a furry thing
which could not be made out
here in the darkness of the cave.


When he asked her to stay,
when he pleaded and begged,
when he reasoned with logic
she just stood by the door,

Our Heart

Today I shall go to the beach
to draw a heart for you.
At water's edge, just within reach,
a crisp new heart I'll do.

Tit For Tat

A pussycat once saw a bat
hung from the tree, that it was at
thought pussycat, who purred and sat
that any bat which hung like that

Peter F. - In Memoriam

They left him there.
And when the sun had gone
to sleep beyond horizon's border,
his movements ceased.

Shepherd's Sonnets

Just received from a friend in old Leeds
a small book that's fulfilling some needs.
Not a bee in a bonnet
but a gaggle of sonnets.

Lloyd Likes Poetry -Haiku

Good neighbour Lloyd did
suggest to write a poem
'bout defaecation.

Yes, Is It? (Haiku)

So, what is envy?
Is it the child of hatred,
or simply nothing?