Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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The Re-Union In The Forest

A little bell had rung,
and in the meadow
the sound of birds,
perhaps a nightingale,

The Sauerkraut Study

Hear ye, hear ye what I'm about
to tell you about Sauerkraut.
The latest study has revealed
that Cabbage grown out in the field

I Thank You, God

He had an inkling,
but could not put a finger
or even just a thumbnail onto it.
And how, it did occur,

Lists For Dummies

Accountants have their lists of course.
They flash them everywhere they go,
put names that pay or want to know
what all these figures mean for them.

Rabbit And Bean (Children)

A carrot top, all olive green
was growing next to a green bean.
Said carrot, 'what's your date of birth
when did they plant you in the earth? '

The Donkey Survives

A donkey who was old and daft
fell into a deep mining shaft.
The farmer heard the donkey's cries
and when the sun rose in the skies


A man who thought he needed wings
to fly above the lands of kings
woke up one morning with a pair
that been stitched from angel hair.

Black Or Green?

A racist who was loud and mean
arrived with buddies on the scene.
They pointed fingers at the Black
and then prepared for an attack.

A Duty Now To Die

They'd badgered him, the family,
to go and have the tests, since, after all,
one needed to take all that modern medicine
and science had to offer to prevent,


Once in his life, his breath was free
a beating heart, it knew its place
the knowledge of identity
was etched upon his weathered face.