Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Once in his life, his breath was free
a beating heart, it knew its place
the knowledge of identity
was etched upon his weathered face.

So, God Can, Indeed, Be Kind

God blinked that day
not once, but twice.
He tires easily these days
of watching all his sheep

The Preacher

There once was a preacher named Mack.
He was tall and exceedingly black.
He was caught with a maid
in a state sponsored raid

Changing Spots

A leopard who was fond of mice
and claimed to have no other vice
was killed by a rhinoceros,
which really wasn't a great loss

The Blind Date

A bachelor, without a mate
had tried to find himself a date.
At last, when nothing went his way
he closed his eyes, began to pray.

Laughter As Medicine

The light turned red
and there I sat
and watched a cuddle
inside a puddle.

A Fishy Story

A trout who swam in murky waters
surrounded there by sons and daughters,
developed on a sunny day
a toothache, causing him dismay.


A virus, although not alive
may unexpectedly arrive.
The doctor thinks your system fights
with antibodies' secret rites

Those Puppies

The bitch was overdue.
No vet could be afforded
and the cries were growing,
ever louder, it was high time.

The Bridge

It was the same each time,
a ghost must live beneath,
that bridge of stone, stained
by a ton of droppings,