Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Sleep My Lovely

I watch you, as you sleep,
the glow, a rosy hue
of Roman cheeks,
a tiny trickle, as if glued

A Portrait

She stands, defiantly it seems,
her pelvic bones in true lordosis,
accentuating chiselled pectorals
fine rays of sunshine cling

Desert Games

And the moon hesitated,
on the way home, at shift's end,
to look at heavy clouds of desert dust
which seemed to travel at


I had to close the book of mankind's history,
it told of many wars, of bloodshed and of torture,
describing in disturbing but extensive detail,
how one can split a skull and full-grown man in half,

Another Betrayal

He was my brother until now,
a trusted friend who shared
a childhood of great dreams
who read the stories of the blood

The Breeze

The barely felt
but loving touch
of countless fingers.
A silent breeze


I sleep and dream about the superficial
and personal, thus pleasing drivel
as you must know, one cannot pay attention
and be worried so unduly and with care

Bonjour Vengeance

Clear lines are in existence,
the gray ones drawn by Lucifer
wheras God's lines are black and white.
Too many venture near and then

The Haywagon

I sat, just turned thirteen,
in honour of advancing age,
the promise of maturity,
stout reins in hands

Bird Flu (Haiku)

The bird flu virus
has now changed destinations,
flew to Florida.