Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Drought In Australia

A cloud which was designed for rain
was home to drops (that should be plain) .
The forecast had announced some showers
thus, in the early morning hours

Size Isn'T All

She was exceedingly flat.
No fruit or other edible
could be used to describe,
in interpretative comparison

I Am

...and when I give I give with wild abandon,
no holds are barred, no watchers are considered.
I lay my head down on the tracks for you my love,
and if you want me all you need to do is take me.


It is as if a mother
who gives birth
at night, upon an iceberg
and then drowns.

The Peacepipe

If I were chicken I would blame it on the hormones.
The androgens and company, and the testosterones.
A freshly, not quite baked but budding poet,
head swelled with accolades, and did he know it!

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens.
Someone had placed
a bit of it under my pillow.
Only the gods do know

The Nightgown

It was their wedding night
and things would be alright.
As they undressed she said
please, love, do turn your head.


'You will stay back today, in detention,
and I shall be the teacher to mention
your behaviour today
that you do not obey

Kraut Stereotypes

Cabbage is Kraut
fermented then
makes what it's all about
the jury's out

Out Of The Tube

Only one eye remained.
Though she was calm
and did not seem to worry
about the loss at all.