Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Little Heini

A dipstick likes to rest in oil,
air does reside in tyres.
All plants are anchored in the soil
and flames make up all fires.

Rhyme Is Not Dead

Great highlights of the centuries
that saw big armies on their knees
were poets from the Fatherland
their words for all to understand.

God's Weeds

God's garden is called Paradise,
creation came from there.
He watches it with shining eyes
and marks each crevice where

This Christmas

Just once before I die I would
so love to see a lot of smiling faces,
each morning when I board the city bus.

Plum's Destiny

A little plum dropped from the tree
and struck a frog upon his knee.
The frog did hurt and cried a lot
the plum said Oops, I plum forgot.

American Thanksgiving

Down by the Murray River's banks
I rest and send our giver Thanks.
Oh do I miss that Yankee feast
the turkey or a different beast

More To Michigan

There were photos that came
from Mt Morris today,
it is clear that the fame
of her birthday just may

Mary-The Warrior

The Forum War was raging hot
and missiles made of words
flew back and forth as some were shot
in vain the peaceful birds


Today I am up to the hilt
since early morning filled with guilt.
Still sleep-lagged wandered to the shower
at that ungodly twilight hour

Haiku Practice 6

The need to confess
is the lot of all shepherds
not all sheep survive.