Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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A Question Not For Me

For days on end I wondered,
about the way the world decides
who of the chosen few will be
the one to hold her little hands,

Two Unicorns And A Rose

And near the forest stood a rose,
now spotted by two unicorns.
As rose observed the creatures pose
it flashed in anger all its thorns.

I Must Tell You

Im Rhein, da schwimmt ein kleiner Fisch,
der schwimmt so her und hin,
am Morgen ist das Wasser frisch
drum bleibt er laenger drin.

I'M Back, Jack!

Steroids and melatonin, you're fighting my fatigue,
don't fret and stop your moaning, I've left behind intrigue.
It's nice to set fat feet onto this precious soil
in wisdom I retreat, clean blood now on the boil.

Crocodile Tears

There is Monty the croc
still lethargic today
winter's cold on his rock
not the season to play.

Of Walls

Some Yankee supermarket malls
may be surrounded by stone walls.
And in between the Malls and walls
you'll find the male and female stalls.


Margot was her name,
she drove if you could call it that
a blue Isetta, made by
Bavarian Motor Works.

The Test Of Loyalty

He stood, oak walking stick
and trusted Shepherd by his side.
It was a view not for mere mortals,
life was not stingy with rewards,

The Telegram

There was that knock again,
disturbing her, who needed rest,
the telegram had made her faint
and the two soldiers had supported

The Suffocation Of Mr. Heimlich

A worm who lived inside a leaf
was stolen by a hungry thief.
Inside a lettuce he'd resided
just when the Lord himself decided