Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Only For You

I follow you,
where will you go,
love made me blind
and gave me feet


The joint chiefs had
in their undoubted wisdom
declared that war was
well...imminent, and now.

Migrants Of Sophistication

Well they do come in droves
from the coldness of Britain
they abandon their stoves
with Down Under they're smitten.

Heidelberg Revisited

And in my dream I was
just halfway up the Holy Mountain
of homesickness called Heidelberg.
I had just crossed the Neckar river

The Fool From School

It now is time.
I'll have to tell the world.
And never did I ever
mean to do this.

Escape To West Germany

We are hoping for fog
and a moonless night.
Approaching the border to
the West and its freedom,

Sunday Night In The Kitchen

Yes, I am flattered,
but not enough
to spare you, little shit,
a roach of any

Camilla And Charles

Oh, what a dream it was!
I had been standing idly
at the gate called Buckingham,
the Palace was engulfed

Happy Birthday Mahnaz!

Well today is the day, as they say
not in March or September or May
that you party it up
at your poet fan club

The Singing Bat

A bird was caught inside a trap
which closed its claws with a loud snap.
The snap was heard by Fritz the cat
who had been stalking a young bat.