Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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The Man Who Went North To Get A Hat

I heard. And at first light I leave,
Siberian fox may be the best,
I know a babushka near Vlad
she'll stitch it into something very warm,

At Her Lowest

The sheets were black
perhaps a vivid sign
about the state of it,
why praise the Lord?

Short And Sweet

A poem from the pen of Rachel,
who has kindly allowed me to refer to her
as my protégée:

The Power Of Nothing

Inside a tree a squirrel sat,
he was well-nourished, even fat.
He spotted then the owl who, wise,
was sought out by the forest's guys

Sharing The Load

Spouse cleans the shower
and son only fishes,
I have the power
to do all the dishes.


A mother is not
what could pass for creation.
It supersedes it.

These Words Were Meant For You

I stopped my car today.
'Twas early hours.
And pulled the window down
thus to be heard.

Milestones For Courtney

Young Courtney was much into feeling,
she liked men, even boys to be kneeling.
When a Westpoint cadet
heard her shout 'no, not yet',

Thank You **

I spotted it at once,
the little cloverleaf,
you found one of noblesse
with four green leaves.

No Limerick?

A poem presenting with rhyme
and which follows a rhythm in time
need not be what we call
a true Limerick at all