Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Birthday Wisdom For Gregory

A birthday comes but once a year,
the day remains the same.
But let me make it crystal clear:
When they picked out your name,

Prunes And Tunes

All prunes are plums
all plums not prunes,
the sound of drums
and healthy tunes

For Lot's Wife

Hung out to dry in ridicule
is she who imitates a fool.
Ignored by all, attracting laughter
for now and then and the hereafter.


They say that blind men hear the falling snow
and smell the pheromones of puberty,
there is a wonderful and lasting glow
beneath the eyes of those with an infirmity.

The Laramie Killing

They had, two human beings
transported him out to the edge
of Laramie, Wyoming. That night.
And, after taking his few bucks

Be Strong, My Child

You pain has reached the depth
inside the inner core.
It drives you mad and wild
be strong my precious child.

Night Terrors Of Little Vincent

'Night, Mama, love you, ' 'I do too.'
I wake, some noise has just disturbed
my slumber, even Teddy
my bear and faithful friend at night

Hospital Patient

Jim had been operated on,
and was what they, with optimism,
call in recovery, back on the ward,
had telephone and operas of soap,

Blubber Visits The Dance Hall

At first I thought she waltzed,
but then I saw the error of
my observation powers.
She waddled, all that blubber,


A Mammogram may save
the life of one in many,
while slyly it creates
a killing field inside