Herbs 'n Planz

Biography of Herbs 'n Planz

Herbs ‘n Planz was born from within the raging belly of the Forum pages of PoemHunter.
Fertilised initially from ‘quick fire’ responses from
Emancipation Planz and Herbert Nehrlich – creations continue within the ‘spirit of spontaneity’ and all poems collaborated span the Pacific Ocean divide of Australia and New Zealand.

Often crafted within a couple of hours of an afternoon or evening …. We invite you to enjoy our ‘rawness’ and / or look further at our individual pages on PH, as:
www.poemhunter.com/herbert-nehrlich-2/ and

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Said the Pope you descendants from apes
come in various colours and shapes.
We protect and we serve
while you do have a nerve
to taste Sauerkraut even in grapes.

He was speaking in Munich last Spring
it's where gnomes and Black Forest elves sing.
All the locals drink beer

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