Herman Melville

(1 August 1819 – 28 September 1891 / New York City, New York)

Herman Melville Poems

81. An Uninscribed Monument On One Of The Battle-Fields Of The Wilderness 4/17/2010
82. Aurora Borealis 4/17/2010
83. The Night March 4/19/2010
84. The Berg (A Dream) 1/3/2003
85. Healed Of My Hurt 1/3/2003
86. The Portent 1/3/2003
87. The Martyr 4/19/2010
88. The Maldive Shark 1/3/2003
89. Shiloh - A Requiem 1/3/2003
90. Ball's Bluff: A Reverie 4/17/2010
91. Art 1/3/2003
92. Gold In The Mountain 1/3/2003
93. Gettysburg 1/20/2003
94. America 1/3/2003
95. Misgivings 1/3/2003
Best Poem of Herman Melville


When ocean-clouds over inland hills
Sweep storming in late autumn brown,
And horror the sodden valley fills,
And the spire falls crashing in the town,
I muse upon my country's ills--
The tempest burning from the waste of Time
On the world's fairest hope linked with man's foulest crime.

Nature's dark side is heeded now--
(Ah! optimist-cheer dishartened flown)--
A child may read the moody brow
Of yon black mountain lone.
With shouts the torrents down the gorges go,
And storms are formed behind the storms we feel:
The hemlock shakes in the ...

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The Mound By The Lake

The grass shall never forget this grave.
When homeward footing it in the sun
After the weary ride by rail,
The stripling soldiers passed her door,
Wounded perchance, or wan and pale,
She left her household work undone -
Duly the wayside table spread,
With evergreens shaded, to regale
Each travel-spent and grateful one.

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