Hilal Yilmaz

Rookie (Germany)

Biography of Hilal Yilmaz

I started writing poems when i was twelve.
Of course, they weren't that good, i mean no one can expect that a twelve years old girl can write really good poems.
When i was telve, my parents decided to divorce, that was enough reason to look for a way to impress myself.
I started drwaing, i still do.
I tried myself in writing songs and playing guitar and piano, i still do.
I love to do all these things, but when you feel empty, because you miss a person in your life, it doesn't help that much.
And then i read a poem.
Actually it was Dylan Thomas' Do not go gentle into that good night.
It was my inspiration to write poems. It still is.
Everytime i read this poem, i got a new idea, not just for poems, for anything!

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My Sweet Bottle Of Gin

Someday i looked up into the bright blue sky.
I couldn't imagine that he could lie.
So i shout to him, why, oh, why do i love him?
No answer, i put the bottle to my mouth.
My sweet bottle of Gin.

Someday i look up into the deep Night.
So cold and dark, with no light.
But i also shouted to her, why, oh, why do i love him?

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