Hillary Herbert

Rookie (July 27,1991 / American Fork, Utah)

Biography of Hillary Herbert

Hillary Herbert poet

Hillary Herbert was born July 27,1991 in American Fork, Utah. At age three her parents, Tamira Christensen and James Herbert, were divorced. Her mother worked during the day to support Herbert and her three brothers; Garrett, Benjamin, and Brady. Herbert often stayed with her aunt so that her mother didn't have to pay for a babysitter.
At age six, Herbert's mother remarried Richard Brown. Herbert and her brothers moved in with Brown's family of four girls and one boy. Two years later, her step-father's job transfered the family to Stagecoach, Nevada. Two years after that, the family moved once more a short distance of 13 miles to Silver Springs. Herbert lives there with her mother, step-father, and younger brother, Brady. At age 15, she has won various prizes for poetry.
Herbert's poetry is often inspired by social events or the need of a realse after events of sexual abuse in her early childhood. She continues to work hard in school and enjoys extra-cirricular activities. Her poetry is mostly 'spur of the moment' and never really thought out. Much of her poetry is thrown out after being written, but the few that are published are widely known in the student body of SSHS.

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Nothing Like It

There's nothing like the pain of love.
The pain that exists with every touch;
So gentle and soft like a dove.
Love from him is wanted so much.
The look in his eyes pierces the soul.
Every breath so sharp and uneasy.
My mind spins so out of control.
My heart becomes light and breezy,
But then the pain is back in full force.

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