Hillary Hill

Rookie (September 16 1992 / Six Nations)

Biography of Hillary Hill

My name is Hillary Hill. I am actually 14 years old. I live someplace in the world. I am kinda Emo, and if u dont like that then u just plain mean for judging me for being emo. To all people who hate emos: U effin Racisits! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (even if emo isnt a race) and umm.....I like writting and i dont know why....it just seems to get all of my felings out, then i am not so deppressed anymore. I am dealing with a lot of shit rite now...and I dont know which way i should turn... -_-

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Forget everything,
everything bad in your life.
Everything that made you screw up.
Forget the people,
the people that are mean,
mean to you,
mean to your frineds.
Forget the bad times,
forget the good times.

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