Hime Hiroda

Hime Hiroda Poems

1. My True Inspiration 1/28/2007
2. Smile, Dear Mother 1/28/2007
3. Maybituin 1/28/2007
4. Deaducation 1/28/2007
5. In Praise Of The Wise 1/28/2007
6. The Curtain 1/28/2007
7. How? 1/28/2007
8. L2 1/28/2007
9. L1 1/28/2007
10. Manevil 1/28/2007
11. The Escalator 1/28/2007
12. The River 1/28/2007
13. Carpe Diem! 1/28/2007
14. Nature Reborn 1/30/2007
15. Ouch 3/24/2007
16. Ferdz 3/24/2007
17. Stressed 3/24/2007
18. Boku No Ai 4/29/2007
19. Ang Dakilang Adhika 6/16/2007
20. Just Around The River Bend 8/3/2007
21. Frustrating Emotion 8/3/2007
22. Aoi No Requiem 4/26/2007

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Best Poem of Hime Hiroda

Aoi No Requiem

Once serene this cerulean face untroubled
The golden orb with warm kisses it smothered
The playful zephyrs to it daily sends
Scents of plum, of roses and of the dame of night
To which the peaceful blue resigns in delight.

The water from below this peaceful blue
Swims fast and hard, frothy and true;
For every rock, it dodges, for every twist, it bends
Unlike this watchful and reluctant azure
That seems content with its niche so sure.

Sweet swift wind, the blue it gives a warm embrace
The soft fertile ground keeps the blue in a safe place,
The bamboo...

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In Praise Of The Wise

Admired are the meek
Protected are the innocent
Blessed are the naive
Praised are the silent.

What of the aware?
What becomes of those burdened by cares
What of those who dared
To be scorned for their knowledge laid bare?

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