Hind Shoufani

(1978 / Beirut)

Biography of Hind Shoufani

Hind Shoufani poet

Hind Shoufani is a Palestinian film maker, poet and writer and has lived and worked in many big cities in the Middle East as a writer, producer, film director and editor. She is a founder of the Poeticians poets‘ collective in Beirut and Dubai, in which poets, men and women, from all different backgrounds and origins meet regularly to present their work to each other. Shoufani‘s work is marked by the power of its language.

She writes about bitterness, breakdown and recriminations, love, women and rights, and about the struggle for freedom and the Middle East conflict. She writes from a feeling that she herself describes as obsession and which gives her the strength to put the oppression and pain all around her into words, but at the same time she describes the beauty of the region, something that is often forgotten. Shoufani writes in English.

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Daily Bread

I thought to write a dirty poem
one about fucking and sucking
and lips pouted
cigarette butts left in ashtrays flowing
about the grit edged into our teeth
grinding TV screens that
enlarge year after year to devour
us with all the porno sacred

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