Hira Akhtar Quotes

30 December 2014

You might have heard that 'hard work' is a key to success, but I 'd say that success is a door that leads to a miraculous palace and only hard work can unlock this door... There are two types of success 'WORDLY SUCCESS' and the success of 'WORD HERE AFTER'.If you run before the worldly success, you'll be deprived of the relishes of the success of second world but if you 'work hard' for the world here after, you'll be blessed with divine bliss and the successes of the both world...

30 December 2014

Don't ever let your self respect bow before others for it'll enervate you before others.

01 January 2015

One must try to teach others what they don't know instead of suggesting them to quit effort.

04 June 2015

Only Allah comes up to your expectations...

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