Ho Xuan Huong

(1772 - 1822 / Nghệ An Province)

Ho Xuan Huong Poems

1. Snail 5/2/2012
2. Lamenting Widow 5/2/2012
3. Wasps 5/2/2012
4. Floating Sweet Dumpling 5/2/2012
5. The Temple Of Fragrance 5/2/2012
6. Viewing Cac-Co Cavern 4/16/2010
7. Swinging 4/16/2010
8. Confession Iii 4/16/2010
9. The Cake That Drifts In Water 4/16/2010
10. To A Couple Of Students Who Were Teasing Her 4/16/2010
11. Day Sleeping Girl 4/16/2010
12. Picking Flowers 4/16/2010
13. Water-Bailing 4/16/2010
14. The Fan 4/16/2010
15. Day And Night 4/16/2010
16. On Sharing A Husband 4/16/2010
17. Three-Mountain Pass 4/16/2010
18. Autumn Landscape 4/16/2010
19. Weaving At Night 4/16/2010
20. Spring-Watching Pavilion 4/16/2010
21. The Jackfruit 1/13/2003
Best Poem of Ho Xuan Huong

The Jackfruit

I am like a jackfruit on the tree.
To taste you must plug me quick, while fresh:
the skin rough, the pulp thick, yes,
but oh, I warn you against touching --
the rich juice will gush and stain your hands

Translated by Nguyen Ngoc Bich

Anonymous submission.

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Day Sleeping Girl

Summer breeze is sporadically blowing,
Lying down the young girl slides into sleeping.
Her bamboo comb loosely attached to her hair,
Her pink bra below her waist dropped down fair.
On these two Elysian mounds, the nectar is still remaining,
In that one Fairy rivulet, the current seems to stop flowing.
At such a view, the gentleman hesitated,
Odd to leave, yet inconvenient if he stayed.

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