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1. Mondays 10/12/2007
2. Ode To The Hc At Fair Time 10/12/2007
3. Rebirth 10/12/2007
4. Beauty And The Truth 10/12/2007
5. Wyoming Boy 10/13/2007
6. Happily Ever After 10/13/2007
7. The Beauty Of A Woman 10/13/2007
8. The Last Saturday In October 10/27/2007
9. The Change (An Observation) 11/5/2007
10. Red Light 11/5/2007
11. Passing Judgments On My Womb, Incrementally 11/6/2007
12. Finally A Bit Of Rage 11/28/2007
13. Prelude To A Kiss 12/4/2007
14. A Poem To Be Read All In One Breath (If You Can) 2/1/2008
15. West Virginia Twice 2/1/2008
16. About Me 4/4/2008
17. Part 1 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 4/30/2008
18. Part 2 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 5/1/2008
19. The Second Saturday In October Of The Following Year 2/28/2009
20. Places I Might Hope To Find Myself Naked 6/23/2009
21. Festival 7/1/2009
22. How I Got Out Alive 7/1/2009
23. Discovery 7/1/2009
24. A Letter To Shamanda 7/1/2009
25. The Third Saturday In October Of The Third Year 9/26/2010
26. Part 3 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 9/26/2010
27. Missing: My Lime-Green Underwear 9/26/2010
28. Part 4 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 9/26/2010
29. I Changed The Words To That Song You Wrote 9/26/2010
30. Questions From The Rim 10/12/2007
31. Breathe (Consider The Alternative) 10/12/2007
32. Spam As Poetry 10/12/2007
33. I Am Not This Fabulous By The Grace Of God 11/16/2007
34. Instructions For The Death Of Me 10/12/2007
35. The Beginning 11/19/2009

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Instructions For The Death Of Me

If you want to kill my spirit
Put me in a concrete jungle
And make the most heart-pounding thing that happens each day the navigation of traffic on the freeway.
Tell me it's not safe to go out after dark.
And that the view between those buildings is a winner

If you want to kill my spirit
Make take-out a 'good meal'
And have a saleslady try to convince me to dropp a mil on a plastic box that looks just like hers and yours and theirs.
Discuss the smog index as casually as you speak of mustard.
And tell me that the city skyline is as pretty as the stars it ...

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Wyoming Boy

we walked along the beach well after all normal people are in bed
and we spoke of being 19 and being 33 and found we had some things in common after all

we talked as we walked about the things we plan to do, the places we might go
and we asked questions you'd think we'd already know about each other

we walked barefoot in the cool sand, as the lights faded and the stars brightened
and sometimes the silence was nice and sometimes it was awkward

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