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1. Not Alone 3/15/2007
2. Lost 5/14/2007
3. When You Said Good-Bye 5/14/2007
4. Touch 5/14/2007
5. You Never Know 9/21/2007
6. Nothing Will Change 10/16/2007
7. Do You...? 10/16/2007
8. Jealousy 11/13/2007
9. Line After Line 2/20/2007
10. My Love 11/30/2007
11. She Saved Me 11/30/2007
12. When I Fell In Love With You 10/12/2007
13. I'M Here 10/16/2007
14. Prince Charming 2/22/2008
15. Morning Sickness 4/21/2008
16. My Friends 11/14/2007
17. He Left Me....Again 11/30/2007
18. Emotions 2/22/2007
19. Wondering 2/23/2007
20. The Things He Said 2/22/2007
21. My First Time 2/20/2007

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My First Time

The pain was shocking
Yet left me begging for more
Laying on the bed
Underneath him
Not know what to do
Each time him moved
I gasped for breath
I couldn't scream
His sister was in the next room
He held me afterwards
As i cried
I couldn't stop
It was my first time
It hurt so bad
I couldn't really move
I feel asleep in his arms
And as he snuck out
He kissed my forehead
And said he was sorry
Then said good nite
What he didn't know
Was i was awake
I started to cry again
As i prayed to god
that my boyfriend never found...

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sitting in class wondering what to do
who will tell my heart that it is now free
I'm scared that I'll never get over you
this thought wont let me go, wont let me be

how fast i went from some one you cared for
some one you loved, to someone you don't know
when did loving me became such a chore
you said you loved me and now I'm your foe

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