Holly M. Doyon

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As you can see my name is Holly.
To me poetry is more then a little poem you read, poetry to me accually has a meaning, well mine does. Yes, it is true I am 13 years old, but that does not mean my poetry is bad. This year (2012) I fell in love with poetry when I had to make a poetry portfolio in my language arts class. I find myself lost in deep thought as I create these poems. My poems inspire me to keep going in life, to never give up. You may notice alot of my poems are about death. It's not stateing I want to die, death to me, is an easy subject to write about. It's easy because, a few months ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease, I was dying in the hospital. The doctors didn'tknow what to do. Finally they got it under control, but I know my meaning of living now. After I finally got out of the hospital, a young boy got the disease I did, he had similar simptoms as me. Everyone knew I could have died, so obviously he would have too. But luckily, I lived and the doctors are useing me as a study giude for men and women who get the disease I have, so no one needs to suffer the pain I went through. I do believe in God, and I think God wasn't ready to accept his child back home yet. So he gave me a second chance, and a meaning to live.

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My Love For You

My love for you is forever
Love you I must
I'd give you all my trust
My love for you is more then lust
I love you dear
So listen clear
You are mine
When I see you, your eyes glimmer and shine
Love is the word for my feelings twords you
I will hug you close
And kiss you gently
For my love for you is forever.

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