Hope Denton

Rookie (Jan,29 / Humble, TX)

Biography of Hope Denton

Hope was born on the cool day of January 29th. She shares her birthday with her father which makes her a daddy's girl. She has a high-spirited, spunky personality, and loves to sing, act, model, write, read, and do cheer. In the year of 2008-09, Hope made it into Honor Choir, later making Region Choir in 7th grade of 2011-12. She works with her fathers friend who is a director and takes part of commercials and film competitions. She started acting at age 8 and has been pursuing it ever since.
Her family includes her older brother, father, mother, and two terriers. She spends her spare time hanging with her friends, shopping, and spending time with her family.

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World Of Clowns

People who cover their true faces with makeup
People who act totally different from who they really are
People who are bad actors, but good performers
People who don't take things seriously
People who have fake sense of humor to replace their hurts
People who live fake lives to impress the audience around us
People who are masters at doing tricks to give false leads to the most attentive watchers
People who fall down again and again just to get the reaction
People who laugh even though t

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