Howard Kern

Rookie (april,7,1959 / port Arthur, Texas)

Howard Kern Poems

41. Dragon's Quill 4/19/2009
42. I Heard From An Angel 7/14/2009
43. Phantasms' Holy Keep 8/11/2009
44. Don'T Miss God's Magic Bus 9/5/2009
45. Sweet Death 7/10/2009
46. An Arrogate Fool 6/11/2009
47. Pain Of Time 6/12/2009
48. Winds Of Change 5/2/2009
49. True Poets 5/8/2009
50. A Devil's Doctor 6/6/2009
51. Barby Nights 4/17/2009
52. Forever 4/16/2009
53. The Kiss 4/15/2009
54. Blind Faith? 4/15/2009
55. Inspiration 4/15/2009
56. High Hopes 4/15/2009
57. Stolen Moments 4/15/2009
58. Doorways 4/15/2009
59. Anticipation 4/15/2009
60. Overcoming Fear 4/15/2009
61. Electric Hope 4/17/2009
62. Dream Lover 4/19/2009
63. The Rebel Jew 5/12/2009
64. The Thai Monk 6/14/2009
65. A Revolutionary Haiku? 7/10/2009
66. Eve 7/11/2009
67. Glorious Victory 4/17/2009
68. A Poe Try 7/11/2009
69. Indian Spirits 6/21/2009
70. A Dream Weaver's Journey 7/2/2009
71. A Sinner 4/15/2009
72. A Vow 6/7/2009
73. The Golden Years 4/21/2009
74. 25 Things My Mother Taught Me 8/8/2009
75. Fire One 7/24/2009

Comments about Howard Kern

  • Tamara Hanaring A Thought Mate (5/9/2009 6:20:00 PM)

    here i hear my voice in your voice.let this voice be the choice of who lost their hopes, let this voice rejoice...

    believe the true poets’ of this earth will not back down!
    They will charge hell with a pail of words, quenching hell’s heat.
    A Poet wills rhythm to a beat with words that are strong.
    The poets’ rhyme creates a truculent message well heard…
    TAMARA HANARING (5/9/2009 6: 11: 00 PM) | Delete this message
    loved it Howard..and i saw your comment on yoonoos poem where you call for all to unite and yes each poet has to carry his voice to reach far away where the diplomacy can't reach..this is always what i believe and i have many voices still here didnot heared yet...the warrior voice is my mate and that what let me first time to listen to your weepy voice where you were pleasing all to hear..where you were wondering if the humanbeing are cevilised enough while they can' t hear a crying child lost all his dears...excellent one and call for all to unite and be the choice of all who lost their dreams and freedom voice..10+++++

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Best Poem of Howard Kern

Fire One

Little pigs, little pigs, working at, you better listen in,
This is nobody and friends, the one’s with a large space in your show,
I’m here to tell you, it won’t be any fun, trying to cap with Master’s son…

Conceder yourself warned, a shot across the bow, in early morn,
Speaking to you, my simpleton friends, on the other side of this gooie,
You have a site; we have the magic, don’t play mute, or act too goofy…

Little pigs, this is your only warning, the line drawn in the sand,
Respond to our correspondence, “Contact Us” as we try to do for you, ...

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Looking For Enlightnment

Meditation is tuff when you don't unerstand
Where is enlightnment, when you need a hand?
Effort put forth help determine the plan
Enlightnment is where, when speech gets bland
Such a closed mind when no one sees your view
A poet, sometimes not kind, but always true
Reality is perceptive, and there for me and you
Enlightnment can be stingy without an open point of view

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