Hsiu Lee

Rookie (1940.12.06 / Born in Taiwan, live in Vanouver)

Biography of Hsiu Lee

Lee Hsiu was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There she completed her B.A. degree in humanity and three certificates of English granted by colleges.
She moved to Canada in January 2002. Since then, she has earned a diploma in Creative Writing through the internet program “Quality of Course” in Ottawa, and she has also studied English at Vancouver Community College for four years.
An award-winning Taiwanese writer, Lee Hsiu has had eight books published. Her published writings have focused on diverse subjects such as family relationships, love affairs, Taiwanese issue and children’s poetry. Recently, except focusing on translating Chinese poetry, she is also writing a series of stories in English. Being a professional writer, she has devoted herself to different areas of arts, playing piano and painting.

Hsiu Lee's Works:

1.The Winter is Gone,1978 (non-fiction) .
2.Moan of Plum Blossom,1984 (fiction) .
3.Heart String of Love,1987 (non-fiction) .
4.Let Me Contact with Only One Man in My Whole Life,1989 (fiction) .
5.Little Raindrops,1991 (children’s poetry) .
6.Looking for the Direction of that Floating Raft,1991 (non-fiction) .
7.Well-Moon Penghu,1996 (long novel) .
8.The Foreign Door of a Woman,2005 (non-fiction) .
9.The Last Garden on Earth,2007 (Translation)

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