Hubert Wilson Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Curious Michael?

Wonder of the globe!
Expansive probe!
Important as Leopold and Loeb!
Respected as Jobe!

Andrew Jackson And George W

Andrew Jackson, known as Old Hickory.
George W, known as Old Trickery?
Andrew Jackson, the Hero of New Orleans battle.
George W, the Zero of New Orleans death rattle?

Beyond Deep Breaths

Arntine with her from Norway fled.
Needing family in Sweden instead.
Necessary for the other three.
International acclaim later of the highest degree.

Steroid Age Mutant Baseball Players

All for the power of that little ball.
Their own bodies and reputations they did maul!

Organic Chef's Natural Love Making

An Affair Not Remembered

Mary had to know!
Was George's affair starting to blow?
With the seventh commandment question he went ballistic!

The Son Also Raises

Oh, for a brother?
Or, a sister or any other?

Conversations Of Bobbie Jane Gaudette

Bobbie Jane Gaudette seethed with the deepest denial!
How could he leave her?
So frustrated with what he had done.
No hero to her -

Ballad Of The Yellowest Beret

Frightened airman from the Texas sky,
Fearful man who would jump to lie!
Man who meant not what he would say!
This craven man deserved the despised yellowest beret!

W War Is $well

Really, W war is romantically great?
Only if it's not W's fate!
Money by W and his friends to be made.
America - completely played!