Hubert Wilson

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Hubert Wilson Poems

121. Maple Leaf Mail Enhancement 10/12/2009
122. Dirty Whiteout Christmas 11/20/2009
123. Graves Of Magadan 11/21/2009
124. Tareq And Michaela's Most Excellent White House Adventure 12/3/2009
125. South Plains Archivist 12/10/2009
126. Virtual American Gulag 12/12/2009
127. The Texan And The Great Quedlinburg Art Theft 12/15/2009
128. Now On The Other Side 12/21/2009
129. Reality Television 1/5/2010
130. Zhivago Effect On The New World Order 1/23/2010
131. Dessert Honoring George W 12/26/2008
132. Halloween 2009 At George W's Door 12/30/2008
133. Your Woman. My Woman! Your Wife - Again? 1/11/2009
134. Beeing Cool: Brando, Dean - And Me? 1/22/2009
135. Secret Torment Of Private Abner Tiner 2/2/2009
136. Budgetary Fiscal Dissolution (Bfd) 3/26/2010
137. Forthright Action Knocksout Evil 6/7/2005
138. Pleasuring In Climactic Karma 6/9/2005
139. Two Faces Of Pataki 7/9/2005
140. Cindy And George W 8/7/2005
141. Secrets From Amber Ray 8/15/2005
142. Musically Inventive Concealing Knight 8/23/2005
143. Roger, Dave And The Fifty Cent Piece 8/26/2005
144. Racing Pelvic Thunder On The Appalachian Trail 2/4/2010
145. Texas Fixes Whatz Rong With Amurican Hiztury Textbooks 5/22/2010
146. Eyes Of Fern Holland 9/29/2005
147. Goad The Three Hundred: The Mischarge Of The Stryker Brigade 8/20/2006
148. Leather, Chains And The Big Ohhh In The Big Apple 8/24/2006
149. The War Of Error And George W. Bush 10/30/2006
150. Ghost Soldiers Of Mclennan County 11/6/2006
151. Perhaps A Fool 3/18/2007
152. Geronimo And The Bush Family Curse 4/9/2007
153. George W And His Secret Gift 4/11/2007
154. That Night At Leroy's Corral 4/19/2007
155. Oleb And Texas Death Master 9/10/2007
156. Favorite Roman General Of Senator Larry Craig 9/12/2007
157. Graven In New Haven 10/24/2007
158. Shrinking Hard Bill 11/6/2007
159. Cowturdulance And Secession 6/20/2011
160. Mange On The Mane? 8/18/2011

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  • Kayode Peter Ogunleye Kayode Peter Ogunleye (4/16/2008 10:24:00 AM)

    the theme of your poems are really great.


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Best Poem of Hubert Wilson

Andrew Jackson And George W

Andrew Jackson, known as Old Hickory.
George W, known as Old Trickery?
Andrew Jackson, the Hero of New Orleans battle.
George W, the Zero of New Orleans death rattle?
Andrew Jackson, the savior of not just the Garden District and French Quarter.
George W, the Black Lower Ninth Ward was no supporter?
Andrew Jackson, fought off foreign invaders.
George W, sold out to Halliburton no bid contract traders?
Andrew Jackson, no enemy forces New Orleans reached.
George W, allowed the levees to be breached?
Andrew Jackson defeated British forces of General ...

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Face-Off At W's Lair

Sheehan's growing charm!
Supporters of Cindy arm in arm!
Hiding behind his security like a quaking school 'marm'?
Obviously meaning W no harm!
Looking only to verbally disarm!
Exposing W's ranch only a a chicken farm!