Hubert Wilson Poems

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Perhaps A Fool

Perhaps a W fool is like resting in place.
A rest room shelter from reality.
He exists to give himself comfort.
He is there in his own abnormality.

Geronimo And The Bush Family Curse

Chiricahua Apache leader's Fort Sill grave
Opened by Lieutenant Prescott Bush - a desecrating knave.
Nocturnal theft of Geronimo's femurs and skull.
Delivered to Yale for Skull and Bones to mull!

George W And His Secret Gift

Plotting his future Yale secret gift.
Examination of possibilities - not so swift.
Relishing something truly unique.
Very important for his Skull and Bones club clique.

That Night At Leroy's Corral

Dared to sneak into the infamous Saturday night dance hall.
Always the chance for the forbidden - and a good brawl.
No guns, knives and teenagers were allowed.
Not many would hardly be noticed in this raucous crowd.

Texas Fixes Whatz Rong With Amurican Hiztury Textbooks

All that slavery trade
Was just a true and happy version of a Civil Rights crusade.
Those resentful and malcontent dispossessed Indian tribes
Are just duping naive history scribes.

Eyes Of Fern Holland

She of the Greta Garbo mystic eyes.
Just what did they disguise?

Secrets From Amber Ray

Does Amber Ray really know how,
After nearly four decades now?

Musically Inventive Concealing Knight

Music with such swagger!
Piercing like a dagger!

Roger, Dave And The Fifty Cent Piece

Roger and Dave, of all the Epsilon-Theta brothers,
Raunchier by far than all the others!

Oleb And Texas Death Master

Shown the way to defeat the Texas Death Master.
Knowledge would avert disaster.
Revealing the George W secret past.
All the information was massed.