HudaM DeGratePoet

Rookie (11 July 1996 / ****Pakistan*****)

HudaM DeGratePoet Poems

1. My First College Day 9/25/2009
2. The Greatness Of The Lion 9/27/2009
3. Morning In The North 1/22/2011
4. Rain Talk 10/19/2011
5. Dreaming Fancy! 10/19/2011
6. The Red Rose In My Garden 10/20/2011
7. The Last Human Left! 10/20/2011
8. Winter Night$ (A Palindrome) 10/23/2011
9. Beauty Is Truth, Truth Is Beauty! 11/4/2011
10. From A Daughter's Heart! 2/18/2012
11. Man Of Today 3/4/2012
12. Pledge To Change 3/4/2012
13. A Minute Only Mine 7/7/2012
14. Childhood 7/7/2012
15. Free Yourself! 7/7/2012
16. First Monsoon Rain 7/7/2012
17. If I Were A Cloud... 10/20/2011
18. The Beautiful Ugly Witch 10/20/2011
19. A Lament 1/14/2012
20. The School Days Are Near! 10/19/2011
21. Tears That I Saw In Thee Eyes 9/27/2009
22. Towards The Two Stars 9/27/2009
23. Success And Loss 1/17/2012
24. A Machine-Ic World! 7/7/2012
25. Tribute To My Teacher! 2/18/2012
26. To Bed To Bed! 9/26/2009
27. The Holy Kaabah 10/10/2009
28. The Rulers 9/27/2009
29. Morning 10/3/2009
30. Cooperation 10/9/2011
31. Sadness Poem 9/25/2009
32. In The Safest Place I Fear... 9/27/2009
33. What's The Scope? 9/25/2009
Best Poem of HudaM DeGratePoet

What's The Scope?

Hi, friend!
What’s your scope?
Are you goin’ to engineering?
Or will you be a doctor?
Why don’t you be a lawyer?
Or maybe being a psychiatrist would suite you…

All I wanna know,
Is what your scope is…
So I make my decision too…
Cause you know,
You’re intelligent…
N I’m a stupid brat…
So I thought I’d stay away…
Cause where you’ll go,
I hold no place…

You’re the one we people leave the way for,
People like you, yes we do…
And so I thought I’d ask you before-
My friend,
What’s your Scope?

please give me ...

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Sadness Poem

The blue color in the picture that I could see-
Reminded of this emotion to me.

Sadness! Ten hours instead of one,
Sitting, thinking how this can be undone.

People try hard,
To find the solution for suffering.
But unfortunately they end up,

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