Hugh Cobb

Biography of Hugh Cobb

Born in NYC and raised in Georgia, Hugh began writing poetry as a teenager. He was first published while a Junior in College. His latest publication came September 11,2002 with an anniverary poem of the terrorist attack of September 11,2001.

Hugh holds a BA in English Literature and an MFA in Theatre. He has taught at the college level, had a career as a professional actor and director and has worked in the corporate world.

Hugh is delighted to be back on Poemhunter! A lot of life has intervened over the past eleven years. I reunited with the love of my life and she passed away in my arms 14 October 2009. I am on life support and am living my last days as fully and joyously as I can.

May you all find what you truly seek. Peace! Updates

Dancing With The Tao

A river
or mountain brook
murmurs over stones,
a mystery of tranquility
explained only in
its being, justified only
by its own existence.

The gestalt, the All-That-Is