Hugh Cobb

Rookie - 54 Points (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Hugh Cobb Poems

1. Oedipus Dreams # 21: A Pawn Of Fate 11/8/2005
2. Suppose The Day Broke 11/8/2005
3. Fever 11/21/2005
4. Tangents 11/21/2005
5. Plant Envy (In E-Flat Minor) 5/3/2006
6. Ne Derangez Pas! 5/29/2006
7. First Valentine's Since... (A Sonnet) 11/8/2005
8. The Dead Speak 11/21/2005
9. Mountain Heart 11/21/2005
10. Crystal Creek Road 5/10/2017
11. Musings On Clouds 5/11/2017
12. Order And Chaos (Thoughts On An Autumn Evening) 5/3/2006
13. Midnight Riff 5/3/2006
14. Flight 11/21/2005
15. Precipitation And Thoughts On Unity 10/19/2005
16. Life In Death: Winter's Paradox 10/19/2005
17. No One Really Knows A Black Hole's Heart 11/21/2005
18. Mortality 5/3/2006
19. Perils Of Intimacy 11/21/2005
20. White Room 11/8/2005
21. Riff In C Sharp Minor 11/8/2005
22. Visitations 11/21/2005
23. Ubiquity 11/21/2005
24. Duality & Unity 11/21/2005
25. Mystery Of Attraction (A Sonnet) 11/25/2005
26. Burnt Offerings 11/8/2005
27. A Struggle 'Twixt Love And Fear 11/26/2005
28. Jumper 3/1/2006
29. When Wonders Burst Intact Upon The Eye 3/18/2006
30. Should All Man's Exertions Come To Naught 3/19/2006
31. Oedipus Dreams # 17: Dolphin's Gift 11/8/2005
32. Jeff Dahmer & His Danse Macabre 11/8/2005
33. Lacking All Rhyme Or Reason 5/13/2006
34. The Space Between Thoughts 1/10/2006
35. Five Haiku 12/31/2005
36. The Mirror's Trap (A Sonnet) 12/9/2005
37. A Christmas Thought 12/25/2005
38. Dry Bones 5/3/2006
39. Vanishing Point 2/17/2006
40. Prosepoem: A Gift Of Eagles 2/27/2006

Comments about Hugh Cobb

  • kskdnj sajn (5/3/2006 7:54:00 AM)

    Hugh is an amazing person and writer. His poems offer witt, knowledge, wisdom, thought, reflection and spirit. He has a natural flow, and a keen perspective.
    Check out his....' Heart's Song, the Inadequacy of Words '

    Thanks Hugh for all your thoughts,

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  • Michael Shepherd (4/27/2006 5:34:00 AM)

    Apart from his justly celebrated fine poems, Hugh Cobb is the most generous, appreciative and eloquent (in that order) comment-writer on the poems of others, to be found on this site. To receive a comment from him is a delight and a privilege.

  • Anna Russell (4/10/2006 10:51:00 AM)

    Hugh's work is informative, thought provoking and intelligent. His poems will reward you not only on the first read, but every time after that. If you're the meditating type, you've come to the right place - if not, then read on, you soon will be! Spiritual, beautiful and never dumbed down, this is a man who's works deserve to be read.

  • Joseph Daly (12/30/2005 4:23:00 AM)

    It is such a pleasure to read Hugh's works. His celebration of life is captured, sometimes even in one word, with such precicion. In our contemporary time, where belief is almost a dirty word, Hugh maintains his faith. Although an atheist myself, I see in Hugh's works (where he introduces his faith) a strong commitment to humanity and an abandondment of dogma. For the reader, Hugh says: 'This is what I believe. This is my worldview, You decide! '.

Best Poem of Hugh Cobb

An Ice-Bound Heart

Encased in indifferent ice
glacial heart beats slowly, coolly
caring less about others' needs
than preserving spirit's isolation;
or, caught in ego's snares,
thinks only of itself.
What an isolated soul it is:
seeing only its reflection
frozen in winter's frosty panes.

Can nothing crack the ice,
penetrate to spirit's depth
melt glacial walls
& let uncorrupted love enter,
laughing with joy?
Can such a heart,
(frigid & safe behind
accumulated rime)
ever take pleasure
other than isolation's illusory dance?
How then will it ...

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A Christmas Thought

Yes, it's Christmas once again:
Commercial dance nearly done
only morning-after sales left,
unless of course you're Orthodox
then you're still caught in the insanity.

Used to be, there was meaning;
something more to this day
something that connected us

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