Hugh Stowell Scott

[Henry Seton Merriman]

Biography of Hugh Stowell Scott

Hugh Stowell Scott (1862 or 1863 - November 19, 1903) was an English novelist (under the pseudonym of Henry Seton Merriman).


Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, he became an underwriter at Lloyd's of London, but then devoted himself to travel and to writing novels, many of which had great popularity. Scott visited India as a tourist in 1877-8 and set his novel Flotsam (1896) there. He was an enthusiastic traveller, many of his journeys being undertaken with his friend and fellow author Stanley J. Weyman. He was unusually modest and retiring in character. He died of appendicitis at the age of about forty at Melton, Suffolk.


His first novel, Young Mistley was published anonymously in 1888. His other novels include The Phantom Future (the only novel of his set entirely in England, 1889), The Slave of the Lamp (1892), From One Generation to Another (1892), The Sowers (generally considered his best, set in Russia, where it was banned) (1896), In Kedar's Tents (1897), Roden's Corner (1898), Suspense, Dross (1899), Slave of the Lamp, With Edged Tools (a bestseller in 1894), Grey Lady, Isle of Unrest (1900), The Velvet Glove, The Vultures (1902), Queen (1903), Barlasch of the Guard (1903) and "The Last Hope" (1904). He worked with great care, and his best books held a high place in Victorian fiction.

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