Hunter Hansen

Biography of Hunter Hansen

I am Hunter Hansen.

I invite you to read (and re-read) my work.
Forgive the idiosyncrasies within, but understanding is granted to those who look deeper.

It all becomes clear, eventually. Continue. Find it rewarding. I post very little of my entire body of work. What I do post is released for a reason. Trust me, I throw no intentionally lame poetry out there; give it all a few reads until it clicks. You will find it rewarding.

As for my biography: Like I mentioned before, I am Hunter Hansen. Updates

The First Day

In this you show me I have won
With ever so subtle subtleties
Unknown to common man
The riddle begins

Strange, this sound of stone
Far from the icy nucleus of Nuuk
I told Jan Johannson it was but
An endless stream, but not believing

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