Hurted Angel

Rookie [Titli] (11.08.1995 / Durgapur)

Biography of Hurted Angel

I’m the girl, who hides behind a smile everyday.
I’m the girl, who has a tough exterior.
But that’s not who I really am.
I’m the girl, who has a lot of problems,
But doesn’t share one thing.
I’m the girl, who keeps everything bottled up.
Sometimes I just need someone to talk to.
Someone to care about me.
Someone to listen to my problems.
Someone to hold me when I cry.
Someone to love me.
Nobody knows the real me.
Nobody knows what I go through everyday.
Nobody knows what I have to do just to make it through the day.
Nobody knows that I’m the girl who isn’t who I say I am.
And I’m the girl who will cry herself to sleep every night.

Hurted Angel's Works:

not yet Updates

Shattered Heart

Walking alone in the path of darkness
Don't know where it ends
Keeping your memories in my heart
Moving inside into the world of sorrowfulness.

I shouted, cried aloud but no one to hear
Only cats and dogs were barking and standing there.
Once I feared of darkness
Now its the only friend for my spareness.

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