Husna Amin

Husna Amin Poems

1. Our Children 10/28/2013
2. The Crying Wall 10/30/2013
3. A Promise 12/6/2013
4. In A Maze 12/6/2013
5. My Questions! 3/6/2014
6. Dear Poetry 3/12/2014
7. Fly 5/16/2014
8. Faith 6/30/2014
9. Beautifully Imperfect 6/30/2014
10. A Song Of Faith 7/23/2014
11. The Baggage 9/6/2014
12. A Pen So Young 9/7/2014
13. With Me Always 1/18/2015
14. Cursed Souls 1/18/2015
15. Holy Night 6/23/2015
16. Politics 6/23/2015
17. Ode To Rumi 7/10/2015
18. Life 7/10/2015
19. Knowing Your Sky 10/8/2014
20. Happiness 12/1/2015
21. Poetry 5/26/2014
22. The Bouncing Back 4/16/2014
23. Sorrow-Fool Song 1/18/2015
24. Wait For Me 11/29/2015
25. Fanatics 5/10/2014
26. Where Are We? 11/12/2013
27. The Tomorrow That May Never Come 11/15/2013
28. Forever 1/8/2014
29. Love, The Flying Dove 11/1/2013
30. Frail Moments 10/13/2014
31. Embracing Life 9/24/2014
32. Aesthetic Wanderer 10/20/2013
33. The Divine Intervention 10/22/2013
34. Let Love Grow 1/20/2014
Best Poem of Husna Amin

Let Love Grow

In the darkest hours of insanity,
When the living-with-a-heart, loses control
Every action turns into a ruthless killing of the self
And, in the darkest hours, the soul, do they shout in pain?
To restore the peace again, where do they go then?
In a little corner of the mind where a little sanity still prevails
A little hope may be giving some rest to the bereaved soul.
That little hope, let it grow;
Let it flourish into a new beginning,
Let the darkest hour vanish slow,
Let the music of the heart flow, let it flow!

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The Divine Intervention

In your soft hands I keep mine,
Holding the tiny fingers I feel divine.
Have I ever told you my babies, you are my precious gifts from God?
Feel my heart through my touch, dear little angels
With your share of luck you brought from Heaven,
I build my love shrine.
The majesty of the Creator amazes me still.
I see you in me as I see me in you, it is surely a majestic celebration...
Here, as I pen down my happiness, I salute the divine intervention!

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