Hye Heon Seo

Rookie (South Korea)

Hye Heon Seo Poems

1. Betrayed 4/21/2009
2. 사 랑 하 는 친 구 야 4/21/2009
3. Alone In The Dark 4/22/2009
4. Bus Ride 4/22/2009
5. Apple 4/22/2009
6. Ashamed 4/22/2009
7. Books 4/22/2009
8. Carpet 4/22/2009
9. Darkness 4/22/2009
10. Pencil 4/22/2009
11. Shells 4/22/2009
12. Please Stop The Time 4/22/2009
13. Singing 4/23/2009
14. My Mother's Fabric 4/23/2009
15. Rosemary Juice 4/23/2009
16. See The Wind 5/24/2010
17. A Story Of An African Girl 4/22/2009
18. To The Readers 4/22/2009
19. Violin 4/22/2009
20. Weather 4/22/2009
21. Loneliness 4/22/2009
Best Poem of Hye Heon Seo


Faint voices come
And go in the darkness.
Sometimes dull, sometimes harsh, always
In pain.

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Does anyone know how much it costs? Does anyone know how much it hurts? Even though you love and care, they don't seem to understand.
Oh, I know that it's nothing to do with me. There's some telling me to get over it. But nobody actually knows how much pain follows after lies.
Shock. Then anger. Beneath all that are endless tears that stream down your cheeks. Feeling utturly alone, you seem to fall down and down towards depthless darkness.

Expressionless. Tired. Each day you see them and c

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