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41. Wide, Open Spaces 5/11/2009
42. Failing Star 5/19/2009
43. Chasing My Dreams 5/27/2009
44. Names - What Do They Mean Really? 6/23/2009
45. After The War 7/2/2009
46. A Little 5-Year-Old Girl Who Doesn'T Understand 7/20/2009
47. Chameleon 7/20/2009
48. Nature - Earth's Beauty 5/27/2009
49. School Life 5/14/2009
50. Summer Senses 5/12/2009
51. Why Do We Love When All It Causes Is Pain? 6/18/2009
52. Running... 5/11/2009
53. Music - A Global Language 5/27/2009
54. My Life (Abi Griffin) 5/27/2009
55. I'Ll Get Over It, I Have To 4/18/2009
56. Tiger Haiku 5/11/2009
57. A Rhyming Poem 6/8/2009
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A Rhyming Poem

I am trying to write
A rhyming poem
I am sitting in a tent
A random word, ok, Bowem

Yeah, i can work with that
I'm not doing too bad
I wonder if Bowem's a word,
If not you'll probably think i'm mad

Sweet! another stanza thing thought of
My english teacher would be proud
She'd smile, then lose interest,
I'd fell, well, one of a crowd

Last one, there we go
Sorted, it's the real thing herein
Grab my pen and paper
I'm ready to begin.
Oh....COOL! !

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The Cost, My Friend

What is love, and what is the cost?
The cost, my friend, is your freedom
What is love, when the one you love is lost?
Love, my king, is the pride of your kingdom

What is war, and what is the cost?
The cost, my friend, is your loved ones
What is war, if not victory and defeat?
War, my king, is the strength of your kingdom

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