i.N. Sane

Rookie (When time begun. / In my mind.)

Biography of i.N. Sane

I'm not like you, infact I'll never be. If you look into my eyes you'll see what bitterness i have hidden there. If you look at my lips, you will see the lies trying to crawl out. and If you look into my mind, you will never come back.

i.N. Sane's Works:

Acalimed (book of poerty)

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Black And White

Everything is just black and white.
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right.
Nobody cares, nobody tries.
In this wrold, it's just a bunch of lies.
Why oh why, these questions fill my head.
As i lay here hiding under my bed.
Everyone is fake, nobody is real.
What's their problem? whats their deal?
I'm surronded by lairs, I'm surrounded by hate.

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