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Ian Bowen Poems

41. Only 'One' Card 2/14/2010
42. Ordinary Man* 2/14/2010
43. Changing The Last Page* 2/14/2010
44. From Memory 2/14/2010
45. Haiku* 2/15/2010
46. 'W' (Haiku) 2/15/2010
47. Red In The Forest* 2/15/2010
48. With Best Intentions 2/15/2010
49. Hope* 2/16/2010
50. Putrid Circus 2/16/2010
51. My Last Dream* 2/16/2010
52. Only Life* 2/16/2010
53. Another Day Nearer 2/16/2010
54. The Wife Is Poorly (The Shopping Is Down To Me) 2/17/2010
55. It Must Be Hard On My Slippers** 2/18/2010
56. Summoned To The Top Floor* 2/18/2010
57. Done And Dusted* 2/18/2010
58. Enough To Make You Cry 2/18/2010
59. Morning Birth 2/19/2010
60. Beyond The Window* 2/19/2010
61. Soon The Light Will Fold* 2/19/2010
62. Cool In The Forest (Haiku) 2/19/2010
63. Must We Now Rename Love? 2/19/2010
64. Long As A Vet's Glove 2/20/2010
65. The Shadow Chaser* 2/20/2010
66. It Was Still Warm* 2/20/2010
67. The Ingredients Of Ink 2/20/2010
68. Orgasmic Noises (Haiku) 2/20/2010
69. Beyond The Foyer 2/21/2010
70. Mum, I Have Joined A Poetry Site* 2/21/2010
71. Credit Cards*** 2/22/2010
72. Pink And Erect* 2/22/2010
73. Lake 2/23/2010
74. Brush A Blush* 2/22/2010
75. Resting In Velvet* 2/22/2010
76. While Sleeping 2/21/2010
77. After Valentine 2/18/2010
78. My Very First Love 2/8/2010
79. Did I Just Step On A Bluebell? 2/10/2010
80. Returning To The Childhood Home 2/5/2010

Comments about Ian Bowen

  • Lynda Robson (1/25/2008 6:09:00 AM)

    I am a great fan of Ian's poetry. He has a way of expressing his thoughts, whatever the theme. I would recommend anyone taking a look at Ian's work, I'm sure they won't be disappointed.
    I echo Will's words.

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  • Will Barber (4/10/2007 5:00:00 AM)

    Ian Bowen's poetry moves through concrete, particular images to the universal. Whether he writes of boyhood or of his mature years, a constant theme emerges - deeply felt experiences, expressed compactly in in vivid, utterly convincing detail.

    Pathos, humor, and sheer narrative skill distinguish his verses - deeply felt, and eloquently expressed.

Best Poem of Ian Bowen

A Poem About Nothing

I want to write a poem about 'nothing'
(not an easy thing to do) .
I want to describe the emptiness
that I've found since I lost you.
The crashing waves of ecstasy
will me missing from my verse.
There will no expletive adjectives
or headless-chicken curse.
The glorification of life's scenery
will be omitted from this page.
I will not mention the 'seven wonders'
or some ancient, historic age.

I will simpy be negative
and just scribble what comes out.
Leave you hopelessly pondering...

what this poem is all about

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To All My Creditors

Hope you make it to next Christmas...

I will be watching with INTEREST.

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