Ibrahim Lawal Soro

Rookie - 44 Points (25 January 1988 / Zandam, Gwaram, Jigawa State, Nigeria.)

Biography of Ibrahim Lawal Soro

Ibrahim Lawal Soro, was born on 25 January,1988.
He attended Central Primary School Soro (1996-2001) .
A.D. Rufa'i College For Legal And Islamic Studies Misau, Bauchi State, where he obtained his Grade II Certificate (2006) , and then, Diploma In Shari'ah And Civil Law [2009].
He is now pursuing his studies in faculty of Shari'ah and Common Law at the al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

He is a [veteran] writer, author, poet, teacher, translator, publisher, and administrator.
He is the founder and director of Darul-Hadeeth Academy (2012) and Fadl ar-Rahmaan School for Qur’anic Memorization (2013) .
He is now working on his new publishing companies: TheNilepublisherS® and al-Azb For Publishing and Distributing®
He is a devoted Salafy, and the father of Ummu Atiyyah Assalafiyyah.

Unpublished Works:

1- The Visitor (Unpublished, April 2011)
2- Count With Me (A collection of simple and inspirational poems, composed for his students,2012)
3- The Soroin Verse
[It is a new form Of Poetry he created, with a fourteen syllables in a three lines,2013]
4- Collection Of The Nile's Poet (2013) .
5-Sujjadar Rabkanuwa (2014) .
6- Safiyyah Da Salafawa A Ma’aunin Shari’ah (2014) .
7-Littafin Ilmi (2014) .
8- Mas’alolin Jahiliyyah (2014) .
9- Kalmar Tsarkakewa (2014) .
10- Hukunci Da Kaddara (2015) .
11- And Others:

1- Has more than 500 poems in his poetry forum: About the Poet and Poetry [ATPAP].
2- Has more 800 Hausa and Arabic Short Poems mostly on piece of papers, in the books he read, and his notepad.


1- Who Is A Man (A Rejoinder To Charles Darwin And His Symphathizers,2009)
2- R. Jean Jacques's Ideologies On Noble Savage And Today's Advancement (2009)
3- Western Pens On Islamic Faith (2007)
4- Footnote On The ‘Annotated Translation Of Sheikh Uthman Bn Fudi's Work On Women Education’ By Prof. Yahya I. Yero mcfe (2011) .
5- On Marxism and Leninism (2013) .

Ibrahim Lawal Soro's Works:

1- Colletion of poems in depense of Dr. Yahya I. Yero (2010)
2-The Visitor of Courage (ANTHOLOGY OF POEM 2012)
3- About The Poet And Poetry (poems on His facebook account) .
4- Waiwaye....? (Is the Anthology of Hausa Poems 2011) .

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Pain On Mind

Two Horns In This Week
Flattered My Mind With Pains And A Pen Flowing Its Ink Just Now And Then.
Main And kind Is Not Lime
Fuses Of This Poem Is With Time
I Know One Day I Must Pass
I Know Myself More Than This Ass
My Chest May Not Be In Ovum
After Nine Year Is Forum
This Boy Mercy Was Not He

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