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1. 'Love' Save It For Somebody Stupid 10/25/2013
2. Impossible To Live Without 10/25/2013
3. I Battle Self Hatred 10/25/2013
4. Six Feet Under 10/28/2013
5. The Dream Within 10/27/2013
6. Play Better Than The Day Before 10/29/2013
7. Seeing? 10/30/2013
8. I Am Me 10/29/2013
9. Distance 11/1/2013
10. Change Me 11/1/2013
11. You And I 11/1/2013
12. Goodbye 11/3/2013
13. My Worst Nightmare 11/3/2013
14. Being Me 11/3/2013
15. Matters Of The Heart 11/3/2013
16. Innocent Tears 11/3/2013
17. I Hate You 11/3/2013
18. Life Isn'T Real 11/3/2013
19. Three Little Words 'I Love You' 11/3/2013
20. Regrets 11/6/2013
21. Hearts 11/6/2013
22. I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met 11/7/2013
23. Dirty Laundry 11/24/2013
24. Once Upon A Time 11/24/2013
25. Free Yourself 11/25/2013
26. Those Eyes 11/26/2013
27. True Love 11/26/2013
28. Bedroom Slave 11/29/2013
29. A Stranger That Was So Full Of Himself 11/29/2013
30. Life Is A Sad Tale 12/21/2013
31. Only God Knows Why 12/27/2013
32. Cheers To Tears 12/30/2013
33. Mr. Politician 1/4/2014
34. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1/7/2014
35. Not Ready For Goodbye 1/22/2014
36. Stop Playing The Victim 12/25/2013
37. Find Me 11/29/2013
38. Lost 11/21/2013
39. To Be Awake Is To Be Alive 1/1/2014
40. Another Day Without You 1/25/2014

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Another Day Without You

Ibrahim Sumayya

Another Day Without You

There are so many things I want to say
I can’t let this chance go by without letting you know
Underneath these words I just put on this paper
Deep inside there is a terrible pain that eats me up
You don’t have a clue of how my life has been since I left home
I wake up every morning wondering why I took that step
Day and night, I cannot swallow the pain
I feel when I don’t see you around
Being far from you hasn't been easy, nothing seem to change
I dwell on pain and anger in a dreadfully deep ...

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The Dream Within

Surrounded by a desire unfullfilled
The world crumbles into pieces
My mind is clouded and blank
Echoes with Screams of the desparing cry
Tumbling to the dreadful noise
A desperate dream forever planted in my brain
Intends to fight for freedom at any costs
Sweeping everywhere within me like tsunami
I have created a prisoner in my own skin

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