ifedayo oshin

Rookie (Ondo, Nigeria)

Biography of ifedayo oshin

I am man who believe in life and living it well.So, i live and help live.

I am not of the school of conventional style of writing, i write my poems and other works as they come to me; as i get inspired by what i see hear and feel.

I write on all issues that affect humanity, i like poems that are motivational and as well inspirational, sometimes i do write philosophically. i use my works to celebrate people and issues that i am passionate about. i celebrate women a lot in my works, so i write a lot about gender issues and feminism. well, that kind of make me a feminist, but not a hard core one.

writing poetry for me is what pregnancy, labour and motherhood is to a woman.

I pride myself as human being first and last, i do not really care about race or tribe or tongue or creed, i can not defend those groupings. i am simply human and that's enough identity for me.
I am proud to bear my name, IFEDAYO, for me, that's enough. I like to be addressed as just IFEDAYO, a Nigerian, a rich man or any of those contraptions.
And i accept all people without regards to race, language and creed.

And i believe i am great, handsome and wonderful, because i am human and i am here this moment to fill my space in the cosmic.
I think this will do for an unsual profile. need i say more?

ifedayo oshin's Works:

Poetry Africana
published online by www.lulu.com

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Beauty From Behind

Find an angry person
And I’ll show you
The ugly one
Ask for a demon
You shall find him lurking conspicously
In the man of fury and rage
Obsessed in the passion
Of hatred and bitterness
Contorted face, distorted frame

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