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Biography of ifedayo oshin

I am man who believe in life and living it well.So, i live and help live.

I am not of the school of conventional style of writing, i write my poems and other works as they come to me; as i get inspired by what i see hear and feel.

I write on all issues that affect humanity, i like poems that are motivational and as well inspirational, sometimes i do write philosophically. i use my works to celebrate people and issues that i am passionate about. i celebrate women a lot in my works, so i write a lot about gender issues and feminism. well, that kind of make me a feminist, but not a hard core one.

writing poetry for me is what pregnancy, labour and motherhood is to a woman.

I pride myself as human being first and last, i do not really care about race or tribe or tongue or creed, i can not defend those groupings. i am simply human and that's enough identity for me.
I am proud to bear my name, IFEDAYO, for me, that's enough. I like to be addressed as just IFEDAYO, a Nigerian, a rich man or any of those contraptions.
And i accept all people without regards to race, language and creed.

And i believe i am great, handsome and wonderful, because i am human and i am here this moment to fill my space in the cosmic.
I think this will do for an unsual profile. need i say more?

ifedayo oshin's Works:

Poetry Africana
published online by www.lulu.com

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Modern Narcisscus

I love me unlike Narcissus in Greece
By the reflection drowned in self worship
True, self-love precedes love of others
For self is mirror of love of neighbours
So says the golden law
One who has not from within
Love genuinely felt
Can and will not reach out to another of love
So I love me and so dearly

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