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41. Omnipoprescient 5/15/2006
42. Truths Behind The Truth 9/15/2006
43. How Come Is Morning? 9/15/2006
44. Give Me Back Myself 9/15/2006
45. Definition Of Reality 10/7/2006
46. Human Linkages 11/27/2006
47. Perspectacles! ! 11/27/2006
48. Permanence A.Ka. Death 3/14/2008
49. I Know Who You Are, Olubukunola 4/5/2008
50. The Rule Of Thought: Ideocracy 8/19/2008
51. An Ode To Ademola Aladekomo: A Special Human Specie 6/4/2009
52. Will Change Change Part 2 10/21/2009
53. Eden In Abuja 4/15/2006
54. I Am Because You Are 5/8/2006
55. Romantic Healing Balm 5/25/2006
56. Pendulum 5/25/2006
57. Incest-Icide 5/25/2006
58. Gender Justice 5/25/2006
59. She's Gone At Last 9/15/2006
60. The White In Every Black 11/8/2006
61. Making Positive Positive: A Song Of Hope For Plwhas 2/18/2011
62. What If.. A Poem Of Question 2/18/2011
63. Roads And Routes 8/29/2007
64. All That Ever Counts 9/5/2007
65. Love On A Needle 11/4/2007
66. Versification Of Alice 6/17/2011
67. Enjoy The War 9/15/2006
68. South Africa’s Blue Summer 9/5/2011
69. Sum Of The Total Equation 12/27/2011
70. You’ Ll Always Be Beautiful 12/27/2011
71. Can I Trust You With A Little Secret? 12/27/2011
72. Is It Early In The Day? 12/27/2011
73. A Rose From Prose 12/27/2011
74. Believing Again 2/26/2008
75. The Priest With A Saxophone 6/17/2011
76. The Table Mountains Of Cape Town 10/21/2009
77. The Script Of Life 8/19/2008
78. Mercy Killing 5/15/2006
79. Tales Of Two Seeds 4/15/2006
80. I Have This Feeling (Daily Positive Chants) 12/3/2009
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Will Change Change?

What will happen to change?
Will change change as all things?
Or will it develop immunity
And embrace hypocrisy?
Will change resist change
And go against its doctrinaire?
Why, will change change not
Should nothing be permanent, even change?
Since change is also a thing.

Our world changes daily by seconds
Our lives in the roller-coaster of time
The noon gives way to the moon
The dawn turns dusk
At intersections of these:
One enters, another exits
One moans, another mourns
One rejoices, one regrets
In the spate and space of...

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Modern Narcisscus

I love me unlike Narcissus in Greece
By the reflection drowned in self worship
True, self-love precedes love of others
For self is mirror of love of neighbours
So says the golden law
One who has not from within
Love genuinely felt
Can and will not reach out to another of love
So I love me and so dearly

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