Ifeoluwa Philips Biography

Ifeoluwa Philips is a young talented writer, a skillful poet and a gracefully fashionista. He is also a good guitarist, he was born in Oyo state Western part of Nigeria, he attended Christ Angelican Primary school in Ibadan _oyo state Nigeria, he was admitted into Christ Angelican Secondary School Ibadan as well in the year 2011, he was a very serious kind of a young man in his schools days. He was nominated for the post of senior prefect due to his ability in academics and his neatness. He was then voted in as a senior prefect cos he was a very social kind of a young man. I remember he was nominated also for the post of class captain and a game prefect fortunately for him, he won those tangible posts also. After his junior secondary School years, he proceeded in the same school for the senior part of the college. He was in commercial department and graduated as a well trained accounting student, but little did he know that Providence can't be cheated, he finished his secondary School classes in the year 2014 it is so unfortunate that he couldn't proceed to his admission into university due to the fact that he has no direction for the course to study in university cos he was so confused on what to study until he began to see an unusual ability of writing poems in him. Since then, he has been writing poems and stories for individual, occasions, festivals and personal. And his love for poetry is just too enormous, since 2014 that he has started writing poems, he has been winning awards both home and abroad in poetry competitions... And later, he was admitted to study Literature in English at Obafemi Awolowo University ile ife.(OAU)

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