Ilana Sabio

Rookie (July 7,1998 / Brooklyn, New York)

Biography of Ilana Sabio

I am in the sixth grade.I'm 11 years old.My hobbies are reading, writing and drawing.I love to travel a lot.I'v gone to Europe and Hundoras.I have been writing poetry for 5 years.My favorite poet is my grandma Almedia Knight.My favorite seiries of books are, Harry Potter, Warriors, and Junie B.Jones.i live in a small town in New Jersey caleed Maplwood.I enjoy the arts and hanging out with family and fiends. Updates

Forgotten Blood

Forgotten Blood

As you sit in the adoption office,
You think to yourself
Why me, why couldn't it be someone else
They forgot about you
They left you hanging

No one should suffer what you have gone through

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