Ima Ryma

Ima Ryma Poems

1801. Lick The Flick 4/9/2016
1802. Caddisfly 2/25/2013
1803. Special Olympics Inspire 5/17/2013
1804. Hindenburg 12/14/2012
1805. Myth Of Chupacabra 1/7/2014
1806. Marriage Means...? 8/24/2013
1807. Racism Acquired 5/27/2014
1808. School Prayer 2/28/2013
1809. Soccer No Sale 8/7/2014
1810. Jumping Spider 10/8/2014
1811. How Not To Play War 1/28/2015
1812. Bibliophile 2/4/2013
1813. I Sonnet You 1/23/2014
1814. Joey - Lincoln Park Zoo 12/8/2013
1815. Navajo Code Talkers 11/14/2010
1816. One Last Gift 1/8/2013
1817. Bunch Crunch 7/9/2014
1818. Iraq In History 8/2/2014
1819. Wetfree Beaver 1/21/2015
1820. Wisdom Bird 1/8/2016
1821. Olive 12/30/2017
1822. Penguins And Planes 8/14/2013
1823. Eviction Notice 5/16/2014
1824. The Necklace 10/25/2007
1825. Cuban Missile Crisis 2/16/2013
1826. School Spirit 1/1/2013
1827. Late Date 1/11/2008
1828. Flying Carpet Of Solomon 2/25/2015
1829. Cold Turkey Or Else 10/30/2007
1830. Selfie 1/18/2014
1831. Seal Whiskers 3/17/2015
1832. Dad's Touch 10/20/2007
1833. A Dog Of Few Words 10/18/2007

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  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (8/16/2015 5:00:00 AM)

    Ima Ryma writes heart touching poems. She is always impressive.

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  • Andrew hubert Figrade (10/23/2007 9:39:00 AM)

    you've entered this forum like a breath of fresh air. like your poems immensely.look forward to more of your pearls.

Best Poem of Ima Ryma

A Dog Of Few Words

A clerk said, 'Next in line - this way.'
A dog spoke up, 'I guess I am.'
'What can we do for you today? '
'I want to send a telegram.'
The clerk handed the dog a note.
'You'll have to write it out somehow.'
The dog took pen in teeth and wrote,
'Bow wow wow, bow wow wow, bow wow.'
The clerk read what the dog had penned.
'One to ten words have the same fees.'
'There's eight words now, so you can send'
'Another 'bow wow' if you please.'

'No, ' the dog said, 'Just between us, '
'One more would sound ridiculous.'

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Mystery Tree

The old dead tree stood on a hill,
An ugliness of jagged rot,
In looming form so dark and still
Against the sun - a lonely blot.
My folks had told me not to play
Around that tree; and so of course
I headed for it right away,
Drawn by its mysterious force.
There was an urge I would not stop.

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