Iman Sadikeen

Rookie (1984- / Sri Lanka)

Biography of Iman Sadikeen

Iman Sadikeen poet

I did not have much to do with poetry once, it was never my line of interest.I started writing poems as a means of escaping from the mental agony I was put through by a bad experience.Most of my poems were inspired and influenced by sensations born from my hurt emotions. My poems mostly come out under stressed moments when I am very much sad.So naturally the my poems acquire an air of pathos about them.lets just say I am at my best when I am sad.
I sum it all up that my poetic self is my alter ego that deals with my pent-up emotions, which keeps me running as a ordinary human being. Updates


Caged by the cherished moments of once,
Haunted by a presence so strong I felt.
Here I am standing alone
alone, Where you left me, abandoned and lone
You flew away on your own
Not even a farewell spared on this yearning soul
I remain here, a wingless bird
Dreaming of spreading my wings with you and you alone!

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