Immortal blank state

Biography of Immortal blank state

youth is what keeps everyone feeling immortal...don't judge the age, the mind and whatever is written is what matters and keeps itself signifigant. no need to know who i am. at least i will always know. Updates

End Of An Era

Throughout all those laughs, cries, fights, stories and memories it's all nothing now.
It dissapeared, just like i have too. how did this happen. how?
It doesn't matter anymore. It's to late.
All i can say is goodbye. Because your gone, same with my heart rate.
Of course i will always miss you, but i won't be getting the same in return.
I hope that next time, i won't screw up and i can learn.
But with our friendship, there is no next time. That's what happened to our fate.
If you ever t

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