Immortal blank state

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End Of An Era

Throughout all those laughs, cries, fights, stories and memories it's all nothing now.
It dissapeared, just like i have too. how did this happen. how?
It doesn't matter anymore. It's to late.
All i can say is goodbye. Because your gone, same with my heart rate.
Of course i will always miss you, but i won't be getting the same in return.
I hope that next time, i won't screw up and i can learn.
But with our friendship, there is no next time. That's what happened to our fate.
If you ever think of me, you will only think of hate.
I did no harm and changed you, you did ...

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The Outcome On The World

The world…
Is one confusing place.
We don’t know if we are meant to live.
There are twists on turns in the meanings of life.
But no one ever knows what it really is.
There are things in life you wish would never happen then there are things you wish could.
Nothing ever goes the way you want it to, it’s all just meant to be.
Don’t you see?
Maybe you don’t.

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